The BSD Projects

February 5, 2017

FreeBSD: The flagship BSD project with solid academic roots.

DragonFly BSD: Originally a fork of FreeBSD, DragonFly BSD is now a superb BSD with many unique features.

NetBSD: Of the BSD projects, by far the most portable.

OpenBSD: OpenBSD focuses on proactive security and code correctness.

TrueOS: Now specifically focused on servers. Sponsored by iXsystems.

HardendedBSD supporting multiple additional security features on top of stock FreeBSD.

Desktops of Note

GhostBSD: An elegant desktop BSD based on stock FreeBSD. Supports MATE and other desktop managers.

MidnightBSD: Billed as “the BSD for everyone”, MidnightBSD supports common applications out of the box.

Fury BSD: A BSD desktop based on stock FreeBSD, featuring XFCE and other desktops. Under active development.

Project Trident: A former BSD desktop has migrated over to Void Linux, while keeping the same look and feel, as well as application support, ZFS, and other features.