We're Rollin'...

September 27, 2018

Get Those Dawgies Rollin’…

I’ve been working on getting this blogging solution set up for several days. It’s such a chore:

  • Decide to use a commercial service or not (not)
  • Decide to use proprietry software or not (not)
  • Research the hundres of available blogging sofware projects. This is what took a lot of time.
  • Download, install, RTFM, tryout, test, wobble, crash, repeat.

I finally decided on Hugo and it’s pretty good, although it is a lot of reading and tinkering with various themes.

Finally found the crab theme by Thomas Heller. Good stuff. Thanks Thomas!

I’ll write up a short paper on how I got this working

– Jim B.

Tags: bsd blog hugo crab